Welcome to the Galoska site and welcome to my world that became reality out of a dream. You can see a piece of me through handbags, drawings, paintings, ceramics, other textile products and various mixed works.

My name is Gabriella De Cordt, and I graduated from the Art Academy in Utrecht (The Netherlands). Since the start of the Galoska brand in 2008, cheerful colors and patterns were the main features of my works. Nowadays, my creations are more refined with colors touching those of nature. We all develop continuously, and so our creations change as well, making it all so exciting. New materials, trends and techniques are part of my work now and in the future. For example leather will find more and more its way into the Galoska bags. Also ceramics is one of my new discoveries, bringing an unlimited amount of possibilities and excitement.

All handcrafted products are being created with passion and engagement to experience the art of living. Quality and care characterize all my creations. I am looking forward to helping you to find a product that fits your own personality within the world of Galoska. You can choose from numerous products in the web gallery, and in case you are looking for another combination, color or finishing, we can always work towards your own Galoska!

Discover the world of Galoska, I hope it will be a pleasant gift for yourself or for your beloved ones.

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