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Prop nr.12 multifunctional bag

 This bag is already sold.

 This bag is already sold.

If you wish to order a similar one, please write a message in the text box below. Be aware that the materials are available in limited quantities, so we need to discuss the possibilities to make a Galoska bag according your wishes.
Customized bags must be prepaid.

Multifunctional bag: this bag can be used as handbag, as a shoulder bag and as backpack. As extra you can adjust the form and the size of the bag with the buckles. The bag is strengthened with ironed fabric stiffener.
Dimension: H 43 x W 46 cm
Material: tweed
Color: pink, brown, beige
Pocket: 1big pocket with a magnetic clasp, 3 small pockets and a key holder inside.
Handle: leather
Made in: Hungary

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